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Via Cavour 266, 00184 Rome, ITALY
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via Cavour 266, Rome


( 39 ) 06 47824497

( 39 ) 338 948 6416

Everything you would like to know from us before undertaking the journey

#Ready for Covid-19


And if I need to cancel…?

It has been our main concern at Hotel Paba, from the very beginning of the health emergency, to facilitate all cancellation procedures due to forced conditions:

  • by constantly keeping in touch with our expected guests to evaluate together the safety conditions and comfort zone for travelling,
  • by making as easy as possible the cancellation whenever an option,
  • by proposing a free change of date through the emission of one-year-validity vouchers, starting to count from the original check out date of the Not Ref bookings.

At the present moment, our rooms are sold only with a Flex 24h Rate, which is free to cancel up to one day before check in date without incurring in any penalty. Due to the uncertainty of these times and the sudden changes of these last few months, we kindly ask our future guests to read carefully all conditions before reserving and to contact us if they have any doubt left, before finalizing the booking of the stay.

Which safety measures have been adopted by your hotel for the prevention of Covid-19?

Hotel Paba, as many other in the Italian hospitality industry, has adopted all the measures fine-tuned for the prevention of Covid-a9 with the aim to guarantee the maximum safety of the guests. Our priority is offering you the maximum serenity to travel and fully enjoy your holiday, therefore we report below all main protocols applied in the hotel in this new phase:

  • Personal protection devices (DPI) provided for our personnel and specific hygiene products for the correct disinfection of the property
  • Online check in and quick check out to avoid all queues and any possible concurrence of guests at the front desk
  • Recurring sanitizing and cleaning of common areas and rooms
  • Informative signage on prevention measures and precautional distance to mantain in our common spaces
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers positioned in strategic points of the property to allow constant hygiene in crossing points

Where will I notice these measures once in the building?

  • CHECK IN: the free online check in service is in function to limit waiting times and make the passage of guests flowing at the front desk; room keys are disinfected at each new guest; all information are available in advance in the email we send our guests before their arrival to the property.
  • ROOMS: for obvious hygiene reasons, some services are available only upon request and not-essential elements such as coffee machines or laundry bags have been removed; cleaning and disinfection of usual handling (door and window handles, AC and TV commands, supporting and sitting surfaces) has been strengthened.
  • BREAKFAST: at the moment, the service is exclusively external and upon request.
  • COMMON SPACES: common concurring areas have been re-thought according to criteria of people flow and capacity; the placing of furniture is adapted to guarantee the safety measures and signs to inform guests on the precaution measures taken to protect them have been installed.
  • CHECK OUT: we kindly ask our guests collaboration in respecting the check out time, to the end of dedicate all needed time to cleaning and sanitizing the spaces of the property before the next use of the room; all payments are requested at check in to ease the check out process.