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Via Cavour 266, 00184 Rome, ITALY
( 39 ) 06 9521 3037
( 39 ) 338 948 6416



via Cavour 266, Rome


( 39 ) 06 47824497

( 39 ) 338 948 6416

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. : Paba's Bright Star : .

Take a picture with #Sirius!

Hotel Paba Inn has just reborn and it is moving its first steps. As all little creatures, being puppies or babies, it is in need of a guide. Sirius is our guidance and he is a silver back gorilla. These apes are precious powerful fascinating beings and they are part of our dna – very close to human beings, we are their direct descendants.

Sirius very much represents what Paba is to us, and it is absolutely the bright star of this place : )

He looks after us and he is a good omen for us to meet again – a mascot and a lucky charm… we believe that leaving Rome, imperial city, and snapping a picture with him will be a true experience!


Have you taken a photo with Sirius? If so, don’t forget to share it with us! You will receive a promo code to use whenever you’d like, for future reservations on calendar year 2021, and get a 7% discount on our best available rates of the moment.


Note: the present offer can be cumulated with the promotional rates on direct bookings you will get reserving from the official website. It is usable together with possible other active promotions (for instance, the Long Stay promo – if you decide to stay 3 or more nights, you get a 5% discount, plus the extra 7% discount #Sirius, inserting the personal promo code in the specific space at the moment of the reservation). The code #Sirius cannot be combined with the promo code #Welcome back.


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